Working From Home – Week 5

Currently on the fence about the name of this series of posts as I am not working from home, Mr OneBigStressball is, I have been on furlough for about 2 weeks now. But also I don’t want to change it, so it’s staying for now.

Another week, another 7 nights of telling myself I’ll get up early in the morning to work out and get shit done, and another 7 mornings of getting out of bed for breakfast at the same time as Mr OneBigStressball then going back to bed until about 10/11am. It’s a vicious cycle and I have no idea how to break it because just thinking about getting up before 11am right now makes me feel exhausted.

The following is a summary of some lessons/thoughts from the past 7 days…

  1. I am NOT a morning person when it comes to working out… let me explain. So, when I was at uni, I used to get up at 6am, go for a run, get breakfast then go to lectures. This was then followed by some other fitness thaaaaangs I did in the week, but we won’t get into that because it was the beginning of my exercise and eating disorders and wasn’t very healthy. ANYWAY, I look back and I am ASTONISHED by the way I was able to tear myself out of bed so early each morning, come rain or shine, and not bat an eyelid about going out running. Now, I can’t even think about the workout I’m going to be doing in the day until I’ve AT LEAST had my lunch. How things change…
  2. The fitness boom on social media is really annoying me. Not because there’s so much of it, I mean, if you’re making content and people are responding positively to it then you do you, but a lot of folks seem to not have a handle on the difference between ‘workout’ and ‘work out’. One is a verb and the other a noun, please sort yourselves out.
  3. Dalgona coffee is nice and all, but my right bicep is going to be massive compared to my left one if I keep this stirring thing going on.
  4. Our downstairs neighbour closes his front door REALLY loudly. Not just louder than a normal human, but he proper slams it behind him. We hadn’t heard much of this before because we’d be out at work in the day, but my goodness, at least 3 times a day now the whole building suddenly shakes and our eardrums rattle inside our heads because he seems to not know that doors do not need to be closed with the force of a great typhoon. (if you know the reference, you knowwinking-face)
  5. Earl hasn’t made an appearance lately, though I do think I heard him in our room the other night. He must miss me. He must also know if we see him again we will set traps.
  6. I wanted to go and see my mum this week seeing as she’s all better and everything (and because she has a garden and the weather here has been un-seasonally beautiful and I’d like to sit in it) and Mr OneBigStressball made me feel like we would be breaking the law if we did so, so that’s that.
  7. We heard that Mr OneBigStressball’s friend, who got robbed not long before we did at the beginning of the year, got robbed again. HOW?! Someone must be watching their flat in order to be able to know no one is currently staying there because of lockdown right? It has made me insist that we take our daily walk at different times each day now in case someone targets us again. The paranoia is real.
  8. I’ve kind of put myself in charge of sorting out prizes for the winner of our weekly pub quiz and I’m loving it. I think I effectively created myself a job where I spend rather than earn money. Still though, it makes our quizzes more competitive and I’m all for it.
  9. I have never learned so much trivia as I have since lockdown began and online pub quizzes became a thing.
  10. I bought Middlemarch to read because I’ve heard people go on about how good it is. Have you seen the size of the book? It gives Steven King novels a run fir their money. Still, maybe it’ll keep me going until lockdown is over.
  11. There is currently NOTHING available to buy online that I’d like to purchase to get me through lockdown. Jigsaw puzzles? Out of stock or 5 week delivery times. Paint by numbers and/or similar products? Same thing. Gym equipment so I can lift a little bit heavier than the 5 kilo dumbbells we currently have in the flat? Good luck finding any of THAT online! Sad.

What have you guys been doing to keep occupied? Jigsaws? Workouts? Painting?

C x

4 thoughts on “Working From Home – Week 5

  1. The workout vs work out made me laugh. Someone contacted me this week asking me to review their book that used mental health as a synonym for mental illness. Come on people, words shouldn’t be so hard to figure out.

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  2. I keep getting lots of fitness account recommendations on IG, and I agree that it’s so annoying! Not only are many of them fake, but they also promote a toxic body standard that I can’t get on board with. I do workouts at home, and I’ve also been writing a lot on my blogs and applying for jobs (which I hopefully can get once this pandemic is over). Watching a lot of YouTube and series/films on Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu… anything to stay distracted, really! Stay safe!


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