Working From Home – Week 6

Here we are, another week down and still where we were before. I just want to start by saying I hope everyone is safe and healthy, and that no one’s sanity is waning too much!

Here is a little summary of what’s happened in the past week… A surprising amount considering our lives right now are centred round 3 rooms…

  1. Middlemarch is SO FUCKING LONG. It’s quite hard to get into as well, but I’m going to give it more of a chance because I HATE leaving books half read. I’m struggling to read more than 8-9 pages at a time though, which is really unlike me.
  2. I FIGURED OUT HOW TO DO ALL CAPS WITHOUT HOLDING DOWN THE SHIFT BUTTON ON MY CHROMEBOOK! Remember before when I saw my Chromebook doesn’t have a Caps Lock button? I thought it might be just my laptop because it’s a small lil thing, but I saw that it was the same on Mr OneBigStressball’s one as well, so decided to actually look into it (not that I’m too busy to do so or anything) and I figured it out. It’s actually really easy and there was no reason for me not to have known how to do it before to be honest.
  3. We got a delivery of 12 bottles of wine this week, as well as almost half a kilo of cheese, and I have no regrets.
  4. I’ve been woken up more than twice this week by something moving in my room, so I am 100% convinced Earl has moved in with us. Flattering. But I’d rather he moved somewhere else.
  5. Too Hot To Handle is almost too MUCH to handle, and I can’t cope with how beautiful everyone is. It’s also pure trash but it’s not making me want to watch it ANY less.
  6. Mr OneBigStressball has this new thing when we’re sitting on the sofa, where he grabs my leg, straightens it out, ‘tunes’ my toes and starts playing bass on my leg. It is stupid and weird and I love it. It’s my new favourite thing.
  7. We have started to try and make new dishes for lunches and dinner now. We usually stick to a few main ones and have a similar shopping list every week (it just makes sense for meal prepping and for keeping grocery shops at a lower cost) but we thought this is a good time to branch out and have other recipes under our belt. Experimented with shortcrust pastry and made a beef mince pie type thing… was delicious on the day, but not so much when we had the leftovers for lunch the next day and the crusty top had gone soggy. #ihatecooking
  8. Hill sprinting is a silent assassin. Did 10, felt okay, except my lungs were burning out my chest, and today I can’t walk. Love life.
  9. Mr OneBigStressball and I did the hill sprints together, followed by a little run along the canal. The whole route finishing off our workout was so pretty in the sunlight it made me feel all choked up and emotional.
  10. I’m currently on my period and cried in the street after the aforementioned workout, so I think I’ve hit my lock down low. I don’t mean I had a little sniffle, Mr OneBigStressball had to take me home before I started sobbing out loud, and I immediately went for a shower and sat in there crying for a bit.
  11. Hey! A whole week and Mr OneBigStressball and I didn’t even fight once. A win for us during these tough times of lock down, and so I’m going to have this as my last point. Ending on a high!

Has anyone watched anything good on Netflix recently during lock down?Any recommendations on something to watch that isn’t a gazillion hours long per episode and isn’t depressing?

Much love,

C x

12 thoughts on “Working From Home – Week 6

  1. I’ve been catching up on TV shows which I’ve neglected for the past three or so years. I’m currently watching The Good Place (really good), and I’m trying my hand at Atypical. Also watching a lot of great and subpar films, including all of the Noah Centineo films haha. Keep on keeping on during this pandemic!

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  2. That bass tuning thing that your bf does sounds adorable and yay to cooking new meals and doing exercise together! It’s ok to let it out if you’re feeling emotional too 😊

    On Netflix, I’d recommend Friday Night Dinner for a guaranteed laugh if you haven’t already seen it? Master of None is also great! The Studio Ghibli films are all on Netflix now too and they’re beautiful and relaxing to watch – hope that helps! X

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  3. I’m so glad to hear you also got pulled in by Too Hot To Handle. It’s so bad, but it’s incredible haha. A show you should check out is Outer Banks! I’ve only seen 1 episode but I already deem it to be really good.

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    1. Paul, it’s as if all the worst tv personalities in America and Canada decided to merge with the most awful people in Britain to form a sweet sweet car crash that we have been glued to and I am living for it! What is Outer Banks?

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      1. Couldn’t have said it better myself!

        Outer Banks is somewhat of a mystery show mixed in with a teen drama. There are four teenagers (3 of them are poor) who live by the water and one of their dads went missing less than a year ago. There is also a famous ship that went missing and the two are connected somehow (I think). So basically they’re trying to figure out what happened, but the rich people who live in their area are a pain in the butt lol. It’s hard to describe but it’s a good show!

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