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Did Someone Say Cheese and Wine?

Did you know we’re on lock down right now? No? Oh. I’m sure I’ve mentioned it once or twice, but you must not have noticed.

Anyway, if you’re living somewhere where you have good WiFi but don’t have to be on lock down, I am not only jealous, but please tell me where you are so I can come join? Thanks.

For everyone else who is on lock down, bear with me, I promise I am not having a breakdown. Quite the contrary in fact, and, if you, like me, are also living in good old Edinburgh, well, you’re in for a damn treat, I tell ya. Wow. So many commas. I don’t know which ones to take out to make this whole thing still make sense though, so they’re going to stay.

Anyway. This week, Mr OneBigStressball discovered that Smith and Gertrude are doing a lock down special called Smith and Gertrude @ Home, and quite frankly, it was delightful.

We both needed some sort of way to treat ourselves, and they absolutely delivered. (hehe, see what I did there?)

We put the order in on a Monday, not quite knowing what we were going to get – we do this a lot, we see a good deal and jump right in, not really thinking about the ins and outs of everything – but knowing we would be receiving at least: a cheddar, a blue, a brie, and a bottle of wine. Sounded good enough to me!

On Thursday our delivery arrived and we got more than we actually expected.

The bag included: an Anster Cheddar, Colston Basset Stilton, Baron Bigod (a brie-style cheese), a bottle of red wine, a massive baguette, some salami and sliced meats, and a little packet of salted dark chocolate.

So basically, we got heaven delivered to our door.


I hadn’t had any ‘fancy cheeses’ in a while, mainly because we haven’t been able to get to a good cheese shop, but this was everything I wanted on a platter and then some. The charcuterie meats were delicious, the baguette was perfectly crisp on the outside and soft and fluffy on the inside, and each of the cheeses suited our tastes perfectly. (We both loved the Baron Bigod, and each preferred a different one of the other two, perfect balance!)

Mr OneBigStressball and I devoured most of the platter (we included a baked cheddar of our own, but didn’t finish the blue because he’s not really a fan and I thought eating the whole thing by myself in one go would be too much) and savoured the wine throughout the rest of the evening.


Basically, if you’re into cheese and wine and the like, and are stuck in lock down, give S&G a go, it was a lovely way to spend an evening without breaking lock down rules.

C x

7 thoughts on “Did Someone Say Cheese and Wine?

      1. completely depends on my mood! usually I get like 4 kinds and switch between them. something soft and creamy, something funky (love goat cheese with honey), something hard but creamy, and then usually a wild new one! love trying different jams with them, too, to mix up the bites!

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