Working From Home – Week 7

How is everyone? Still staying sane? Still plugging along, waiting that this whole thing is over soon and we can go and enjoy the sunshine? Yep, me too! Quick thank you to everyone who replied to my last post and recommended things to watch on Netflix, you’re all angels!

Time has become really weird, I don’t really understand it. I guess it’s like trying to explain to a child how time seems to move so quickly when they’re having fun and how it seems like their school days are 15 hours long when they’re actually only there for 6… except I’m not at school, not having fun, and each day is a year long but also feels like it goes by in 5 minutes. It’s like I get up to do a work out on Monday then I walk out of the shower afterwards and it’s suddenly the weekend again. What gives? Below are the updates from Week 7 of working from home, a week that signalled the end of April, which seemed to go by a hundred times quicker than March, and has given way to the month of May (my birthday month!)

Also, today is the 4th, so May the Fourth be with you, and all that nonsense.

  • We finished Too Hot To Handle this week and the ending was… disappointing. I kind of had a feeling the prize money was going to end up the way it did, and I feel like the more-than-friendly attitude everyone had at the end of horrid. Francesca and Harry weren’t very nice people, and Francesca literally went out of her way to lose people money, but then had the cheek to be upset when other people didn’t have faith in her. Her exact words were ‘They’re just jealous of my relationship, just let me live my life,’ before proceeding to call one of the other girls the C word. First of all, calling a fellow female that word is awful, I don’t care if you’re angry, there’s no need, and second of all, no one was jealous of her, they all just didn’t trust that she wouldn’t be able to keep her rubber lips to herself and not keep losing money by getting it on with Harry… who, by the way was also very rude about everyone, and he wasn’t exactly the hottest poker in the fire, know what I’m saying?
  • I started watching a new Netflix mini series called Hollywood, and if anyone needs a tv show that has a Henry Cavill lookalike with killer dimples, this is your show. Don’t watch it with your parents though, sex scenes are rife.
  • I think Earl the mouse has moved to another house. Haven’t heard him scurrying for a while.
  • Oh. My. God. I’ve been reading Middlemarch for three weeks now and I’m only on page 100. Of 600. I can’t do this. But also have horrid habit of refusing to give up on a book part way through. Must. Persevere.
  • For someone who is stuck in the house, all day every day, my bank account balance sure is low.
  • My headphones broke when I was 3km into a 10km run on Sunday. They’re noise cancelling headphones, so it was a moment where all of a sudden I couldn’t hear the music in my right ear, but also couldn’t hear anything else, so became convinced for about a kilometre that I had, in fact, gone deaf in one ear. That was a fun little run, silently crying over the injustice of suddenly losing my hearing then promptly, at the 5th kilometre, the sound crackled back on for a second before cutting out again. Turns out the problem is that I have really sweaty ears so the sweat has gotten through to the inside of the headphones and wrecked them.
  • I miss having my nails done.
  • Had a proper good little purge on my social medias this week and it felt gooooood!
  • Was on hold with Easyjet for an hour and a half trying to get my mum’s flights for the end of this month sorted. No money being given back, just vouchers that she doesn’t particularly want (bearing in mind they’re only valid for a year and god knows when we’ll be allowed to travel freely again). Also was a number that you have to pay to call, so I’m looking forward to seeing that on my telephone bill next month.
  • Same thing pretty much happened to the flights Mr OneBigStressball and I had planned to take to Luxembourg back at the end of March. Pretty sure we are entitled to our money back but Ryanair has said that they’ll only do this when the ‘pandemic is over’. Great, super specific, thank you so much.

So… yeah. This week hasn’t been the best week, a lot more things got me down, and I’ve not handled them well. BUT we have started a new week and I’m trying to be more positive. We are allowed our ups and downs after all!

Have you guys ever read any books that you just couldn’t keep going with or struggled the entire way through?

C x


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