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Asian Food Makes Miso Happy

Another week, another takeaway, and this week we went for a Chinese/Japanese fusion. 

So here’s the deal. I like Chinese food as much as the next person, but I also reeeaaallly enjoy Japanese food. I have to be properly in the mood for the former, but send me some sushi at any time of day and I’ll scoff it, no questions asked. 

Our usual place in Edinburgh is a cute little takeaway called Hui, which does an extensive menu that is basically a full Chinese takeaway menu and a full Japanese one, and it’s an absolute dream, because it means that I can get my sushi craving sorted, as well as get some miso soup chucked in there, and Mr OneBigStressball can get his honey shredded beef and fried rice. One order, no need for multiple deliveries, and everything is guaranteed to arrive at the same time so there’s no awkward waiting and secret nibbling while you’re waiting on the second person’s food to arrive, know what I mean?

Anyway, since we have been in lock down, our usual haunt has unfortunately been closed (I hope the people who run it and everyone who works there is keeping safe and healthy) so we were forced to try out something new this week, when my sushi cravings got the better of me. 

Deliveroo options are currently, understandably scarce, which is, I suppose, a blessing in disguise, because too much choice sometimes makes it way too difficult to come to an agreement on where to order from and what should be a 15 minute process stretches into an hour or more, and leaves you hungry and frustrated. 

So we took a chance and we went for a place called Ichiban, which is in the Newington area of Edinburgh. 

I ordered a salmon sushi set, which came with a salmon and avocado roll, salmon sashimi and salmon nigiri, and supplemented it with some sweet beancurd (inari) nigiri and some seaweed salad. This is a pretty standard order of sushi for me, and I order something similar most of the time if I’m going for a sushi dinner. 

Mr OneBigStressball went for some barbecue ribs and a braised beef ramen. A free portion of miso soup came with the meal, as we’d spent about £40 in total. 

We ordered it to arrive at 6pm so I would be able to get a workout done before eating, and it arrived just on time, which always makes me happy, so bonus points there! 

The Verdict:

The braised beef ramen was outrageously delicious. I tried a little bit of it and ended up being quite jealous that I hadn’t ordered it for myself. The beef was so tender, it pretty much melted in my mouth, and the flavouring was on point. Also, when it arrived, the soup base that it went with was actually packaged separately, which is a plus, as sometimes if the noodles are in the soup too long during delivery it can go mushy, so there was no chance of that happening here! 

The ribs were so well cooked that the meat practically fell off the bone, and were honestly some of the best ribs I’ve had in a while, though the sauce could have perhaps been a bit more barbecue-y and we could have done with a tiny little bit more in the portion. 

Then the sushi. My part of the dinner. The seaweed salad was gorgeous- nice and simple. Some places try to do too much to it and it becomes a bit of a mess, but this was exactly what I was looking for and I was not disappointed. It was a good portion size for the price as well, filling me up enough that I wasn’t overly full for my sushi but not leaving so much room that I had to steal some of Mr OneBigStressball’s food after finishing mine, which is almost always the case. The salmon and avocado roll was lovely, as were the sashimi (again, could have done with a bit more, but this is always the case with sashimi and I’m so stingy I refuse to buy more than one portion) and the salmon nigiri tasted fresh, and the cut of salmon was portioned well with the rice. I find some sushi places skimp on the fish bit and try to fill their customers up with rice. 

The only thing I found mildly disappointing was the sweet beancurd nigiri. I like it when they have the little beancurd parcels that they stuff with rice, but don;t usually mind too much when they cut and place on top of the rice like they did here (see pictures) but this beancurd had a weird, alcoholic taste to it. It took me by surprise, and I do wonder if they accidentally soaked it in rice wine or something, but certainly at the time of eating I was glad there were only two pieces. I ate them as quickly as I could so I wouldn’t have to deal with the taste for the rest of my meal. 

Overall, the meal was incredibly satisfying and definitely did the job on an evening where neither of us wanted to cook but fancied some Asian food. I would definitely order there again if Hui wasn’t open, just for their braised beef ramen if not for anything else. It was a tad on the expensive side, so we know to budget for it next time! 


What’s your favourite takeaway meal?

C x