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Working From Home – Week 8


8 weeks since I stepped foot into the ol’ office, and 8 weeks since I lifted a dumbell heavier than 5kg (cry).

This week has certainly been a much more positive and happy one – it’s my birthday month so I’m already being spoiled, and though I normally hate having money spent on me, I’ve been so grateful that my brother and boyfriend pulled together and got me what they did as it’s been keeping me occupied! (will explain in a bit)

So… Week 8:

  • Still haven’t mustered up the courage to go downstairs and tell Mr Door Slammer to decrease the force with which he closes his doors. Is he doing it on purpose to let everyone in the building know he’s heading out for his daily exercise? Or does he simply not know his own strength? I’ve seen him before, he doesn’t look that strong to be fair, so there is just NO NEED for slamming the thing.
  • Mr OneBigStressball and my brother came together and got me the most thoughtful gift I could have dreamed of this year. The got me a Nintendo Switch Lite with Animal Crossing, which is quite possibly the most calming game ever. This was extra special to me because Mr OneBigStressball knows how much I like the game, and knew how annoyed I was at my Nintendo DS being stolen when we got robbed earlier this year (I’d been playing the game for almost a year and was fuming that it had been taken from me). So for the last few days I’ve been gathering fruits and selling fish. Living my best life. (Also keeping out of Mr OneBigStressball’s hair which is probably a massive relief for him). So, if anyone reading this has Animal Crossing, HMU and we can hang on our islands!
  • Related to the previous point, but deserving of its own point, through online playing I’ve been able to connect with my family who live in Hong Kong again. We’ve been going to each other’s islands, sending each other more voice notes on WhatsApp, and generally talking a lot more than we usually do, and this is so important to me so has been a massive positive this week. (My cousin has an 8 year old daughter and I didn’t ever really know what to talk to her out of the blue about on the phone so now we’re playing online together it’s nice to connect that way!)
  • Again, related to the previous point, I have realised that, because I live with Mr OneBigStressball, who is Scottish, my Cantonese has quite dramatically become, well, fucking awful. My cousin’s daughter told me via voice note on WhatsApp where she was on my island, and I had to repeat what she said on Google Translate to make sure I understood correctly, which I’ve never actually had to do before. Guess I need to phone my mum more often to practise!
  • The time at which I start drinking during the day seems to be getting earlier. No comment on this, just something I noticed this week.
  • The amount which I need to drink to achieve a resulting hangover the next day is decreasing. I drank two glasses of wine and a cider on Friday night and woke up feeling like shit. Not fun.
  • Noticed that there is a Too Hot To Handle reunion episode now on Netflix and I don’t know if I can bring myself to watch that trash again. (Except I know I will be able to, I just need to convince Mr OneBigStressball to do it with me so I don’t feel bad about it.)
  • Mr OneBigStressball has been watching old rugby matches on YouTube to make up for a lack of actual games happening…is this a guy thing? Is it fun to watch games whose results you already know?
  • The categories on our weekly quiz on Zoom are becoming more and more niche and I’m loving it. We had a Who Said It? round, where Mr OneBigStressball scrolled to the deepest deep of Facebook and put up embarrassing statuses from years ago, and we all had to guess who had posted it… There was a round where someone zoomed into pictures to make them look really obscure and we had to guess what it was… and there have been a few incredibly inappropriate rounds too, which has spiced up our quiz game loads!
  • I thought that having my hair tied back and not washing it every day for work like I normally do would make my hair healthier and grow longer… so far it’s stayed the exact same length as it was 8 weeks ago and I’m not going to lie, I am disappointed.
  • My skin has started to look a lot better though! Most likely from lack of snacking on fudge at work and because I gave up chocolate for this year and haven’t relapsed, but I’m pleased either way! … watch while I get bitten in the ass for saying this and get a monster of a spot next week.

So, yeah, it;s definitely been a more positive week, last week was the worst yet, so I’m happy that things are looking better. I know everyone has been having their iso ups and downs, how are you all coping with the downs?

C x

One thought on “Working From Home – Week 8

  1. It’s been years since I last played Animal Crossing, but I’ll agree with you that it’s such a calming game; better than those violent GTA and WoW ones, anyway! I speak Mandarin, but I can understand your struggle with Cantonese: I sort of lost my Mandarin a bit when I lived abroad on my own, but now that I’m back living with my family, it’s improved– living close with native speakers makes a huge difference! I’ve likewise been drinking more, although I’ve been limiting it to no more than twice a week: I don’t know if you feel it, but the hangovers are starting to get worse for me as I get older!

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