Working From Home – Week 9

Hey guys!

It has been an extremely tough week and I’m not dealing with it very well, and seeing as it’s Mental Health Awareness Week right now in the UK I’ve taken it as a sign for me to really check in with myself and take a little break. I didn’t want to break the Working From Home posts though, so will resume writing them this weekend. Hopefully the nice weather we have been having recently will hold up and I’ll be able to go for a really long walk to clear my head. It is technically my birthday week (I turn 26 on Tuesday) so I’m keeping my fingers crossed for my mood to lift a little for when that day comes along!

I hope everyone has had a fabulous week!

Much love,

C x

3 thoughts on “Working From Home – Week 9

  1. Have a great birthday when it comes round. I’ve struggled a little this week, too much rattling around in my head but one thing that cleared it was getting out walking, some fresh air. Helped put things into perspective.

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    1. Thank you Bob! I went out today for a looooong walk (mostly to test out my new headphones as my other ones were too big for my head and slipping down, and feel much better! I hope you’re doing well and feeling less rattly!!


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