Working From Home – Week 12

Hey guys!

It had been yet another week of (kind-of) lock-down, and it’s been a weird one.

Mr OneBigStressball and I had these grand plans of finally getting our first foot on the property ladder this year, and in January of this year, started to look around properly for a place of our own to buy. We looked at a few properties and there wasn’t much out there (this was right before the whole COVID-19 situation blew up) but we did see a flat come on to the market ON THE DAY LOCKDOWN HAPPENED and had, in retrospect quite hastily, set our sights on it. It was just round the corner from where we are currently living, and it was pretty much perfect for the life we share together and what we have planned over the course of the next 5-10 years. When I say we set our sights on it I really mean I got attached way to quickly, as I usually do, and I believe at one point I said to our solicitor, ‘Graham, I want that flat so you better get me it.’ Perhaps I need to check myself when it comes to getting overly infatuated about flats in future.

Well, after months of being in limbo – we weren’t able to get in for a viewing because of lock-down – we finally got a virtual tour of the home and put our offer in (subject to an in-person viewing in the future), feeling like real adults. Alas, it wasn’t meant to be ours, and the closing date on Tuesday showed us that the people who put in the successful offer actually bid a heck of a lot more money than we did – which was also a heck of a lot more money than we actually thought the property was worth. So, to be honest, we didn’t take the news too hard. It just wasn’t meant to be, and some other family is going to be very happy there.

Once we had gone through the whole process, however, we had a long chat about what we want to focus on, and with not getting the flat and knowing that we both want to travel a lot more than we actually have done so recently, we realised we could take what had happened and change it into a blessing for ourselves.

So, instead of going out and continuing to hunt for a flat to buy, we have decided to find somewhere to rent ourselves (we currently still have a flatmate) and use this next year to not only boost our deposit for whatever flat we do purchase in the future, but to also use the time that we are not tied to a mortgage to go out and see the world. We have two major trips planned for next year and I get all stoked just typing about them!

We have found a flat that is in a different area to where we currently are, but not far enough for us to have to change our lifestyles in any significant manner – everything can stay the same, but we still get a change in scenery. If all goes well we will hopefully be able to move out sooner rather than later – which would be great because I may as well use the time that I’m on furlough to do something useful right?

Other than this, nothing much has happened this week, but the highlight of the last seven days has definitely been being able to see my friend Kirsten, who hasn’t been around the city recently as she chose to isolate at her parents’ house. On Wednesday we saw the weather deal us a shitty hand, and drank coffee and caught up with each other while sitting under the shelter of a closed charity shop. Such is life in Phase 1 when going into other people’s houses is a big no-no!

I hope everyone else is having a good week.

C x

One thought on “Working From Home – Week 12

  1. Flat hunting can be a pain, but alas, it must be done…it’s definitely a big step towards being a “real” adult! Excited that you have two major trips coming next year; will they be international? I still don’t have concrete travel plans, but I hope to do one international next year, even if just to the neighboring country! It’s crazy how lock-down phases are vastly different for different countries, even cities. Los Angeles is by no means decreasing in COVID cases, yet we’re already on Phase 3; gyms have reopened this Friday! What a world to be in, right?


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