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Working From Home – Week 14

Another week has gone by and I am writing this while snuggled on the sofa in mine and Mr OneBigStressball’s new home!

We moved last week into a one-bedroom flat, and though not everything has been unpacked yet (I have realised I am a massive hoarder and I find it really hard to get rid of anything I may have placed any sentimental value onto) we are settling in well.

Though we have lived together for two and a half out of our three and a half years as a couple, we have always had at least one flatmate, so moving out just the two of us has felt like a really big step. Now, when I want to be alone, I can’t just pawn him off on someone else to be entertained, though I guess it’ll just mean our communication skills will be put to the test and I’ll just have to be more forthright than I already am.

We were able to find a flat that is located in a different part of town than we were in before, but distance-wise it’s still pretty much the same as it was before – just a ten minute walk to work and the gym – so our day to day lives once lock down restrictions have eased even more won’t have to change much, if at all. We are on a quieter street now though, which means I am able to say that for the first time since moving to Edinburgh, I have been able to have more than one consecutive good night’s sleep, and I’ve not even had to wear earplugs to achieve this new found bliss.

Our moving date also coincided with some restrictions in Scotland being lifted, so once all our stuff was in the new flat (we did a slow move over a few days because again, I am a hoarder and have way too much stuff that’s normal for one human being) we were able to venture out into the sunshine (we had our hottest day of the year so far last week) and have takeaway pints with our friends. That first pint of lager might have been the most delicious drink I have ever had in my life. We are however, currently in the midst of a week long bout of horrific weather, so more socially distanced drinks and picnics may have to wait for another little while.

I feel good though – we both are. This is a new chapter in our lives, and one that is the first step in building the rest of our lives together. We have our own space, and in the last few days we have talked more than ever about what we will be doing with our future and what we hope to achieve together…though this may have been because we have no wifi yet and have been forced into conversation! I am hopeful though, and I am feeling nothing but good emotions for what’s to come!

C x

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