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Slumdog Delivered

So although a Chinese takeaway is my favourite weekend dinner option, and if I had a choice I would go to the same place every single week, Mr OneBigStressball kindly reminded me last week that we did not move to a street perpendicular to one with a whole host of different restaurants just to pick one place and stick to it forever. So, this last weekend we went with his choice and ordered a curry from an Indian restaurant.

There were what seemed like a gazillion choices of restaurants, but Slumdog Delivered caught my eye… mainly because it said it could be delivered to our house within half an hour, and I am nothing if not impatient when it comes to food.

There was a slight drama when it came to ordering – Mr OneBigStessball’s UberEats was still registered to our old address and we didn’t realise until after we had completely the order, and weren’t able to change it, so Mr OneBigStressball had to cycle to our old flat to pick it up from the delivery driver, but with that on top of the original delivery time, we were still able to eat less than 40 minutes after we put the order in online.

We ordered:

Goan Fish Curry
Pilau Rice
Chicken Madras
Peshwari Naan

As someone who usually gets a korma (I know, I’m a wuss, I’m sorry) I wanted to try and push the boat out a little, especially as I used to love spicy foods and wanted to get a little more flavour in my life. The goan fish curry was a lovely surprise – the fish was well cooked and flaky, though I would have liked to have had a little more fish in the sauce, given the price of the meal. What was also nice though, was that there was a button on the website that allowed me to choose the intensity of the heat of the curry, which was a nice way of me being able to control the temperature and not unsuspectingly getting a meal that was too spicy for me to handle. Mr OneBigStressball enjoyed his chicken madras… it wasn’t as hot as some I’ve tried before, but every morsel of the food we bought was eaten up, so there were no complaints at all!

There are a few Slumdog Delivered places in Edinburgh, so if you’re after something that’s reeeallllyy quick and easy, they’re the ones to go to, though the portions aren’t massive for the amount you pay, so get a couple of sides as well if you’re hungry!

C x

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