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The 13:02 Dessert Parlour

So, I’m not usually one with a massive sweet tooth – in fact, I really do prefer a cheeseboard after a meal at a restaurant (but begrudge paying the inevitable surcharge that comes with it).

However, there comes a time about every four weeks (yes, when I’m due on) where my sweet tooth emerges from it’s lil’ hiding place with a vengeance.

Usually, I try to calm it down with fruit, or appease it just a little with a protein shake (rocky road flavour for the win!) but this evening it just wasn’t cutting it, so Mr OneBigStressball and I decided to order in some dessert.

The 13:02 Dessert Parlour is a place right round the corner from our flat that we pass almost every day but normally don’t go into, but I’ve heard good things from other people in the past, so decided to give it a go.

We got:

Warm cookie with a side of vanilla ice cream 
Home made banana and toffee cake. 

The warm cookie was everything you’d expect from a …well, a warm cookie – it was soft and chocolatey and comforting, which was exactly what we wanted. As it came delivered from round the corner, the ice cream hadn’t melted much at all!

My favourite was the banana toffee cake though. There was a definite hint of banana in the frosting, which was… THICC… but not too much banana flavour that it tasted medicinal. The sponge was soft and light, and the serving size was generous enough to satisfy my sweet craving without making me feel like I had over indulged.


The service was quick – we ordered at half past 6 and the delivery said it would arrive at 20 past 7, but ended up getting to the house at ten to 7, and quick delivery is always a lovely surprise!

Definitely will be going back next month when the ole sweet tooth comes back out to play!

C x


2 thoughts on “The 13:02 Dessert Parlour

  1. I was wondering what that dessert was (at first, I thought it was a dessert sandwich?)! Banana toffee cake sounds amazing, and now you’ve got me craving it. 😀 Thanks for sharing!

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