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Wanderers Kneaded- Pizzas and Puns

Who doesn’t love a pun-based name… and who doesn’t love pizza?

Last week, Mr OneBigStressball and I decided to make the most of the decent weather Scotland was giving us and try out a little spot that I had been noticing during my runs through the Meadows.

Wanderers Kneaded is a little pizza van that is run by one man who decided to up sticks and leave Italy when he was a teenager, and he makes every single pizza that comes out of the little window he stands behind.

The menu is small, but has options that will suit everyone’s tastes – from gorgonzola dolce (love me some blue cheese), kale, pulled pork, and honey roasted walnuts… literally if you’re a veggie, or a mad carnivore, you will find a pizza that you will love.

I’m not going to lie, there were words on the menu I didn’t know the meaning of, and the owner was thankfully patient enough to take the two of us through the menu in depth so that we knew exactly what we were ordering and that we were going to enjoy our pizzas.

What we ordered:

To the Moon and Back (Gorgonzola Dolce, ‘Nduja, Wild Rocket)
Never Too Late To Break Bad (Woodfired Slow Roasted Pulled Pork, Scamorza, Friarielli)

My goodness let me tell you about the delight that was the pizza I sat in the park and ate on that day. The weather was amazing, there were cute little puppies running around, and my To the Moon and Back was the cheery on the top of a perfect little alfresco lunch. The crust was beautifully thin and crisp (there is nothing worse than a pizza crust that is too thick and doughy), and the ingredients on top were cooked perfectly onto the crust… I’ve had pizzas before in the past where the cheese and toppings just fall off the crust because the whole thing is too greasy or under cooked, so this was a pleasant surprise. The flavours of both the ‘Nduja sausage and the blue cheese blended perfectly – the cheese didn’t over power any of the other flavours, which is good for people who don’t know how they feel about blue cheese and are just starting to branch out and try it. And oh my f**k let me tell you about the cheese that was part of the base – it was the STRINGIEST cheese I have ever had on a pizza, and in the most delicious way. It was fun watching MR OneBigStressball trying to get a bite in without the cheese getting all over his face.

Mr OneBigStressball ordered the pizza whose ingredients we weren’t so sure about – the scamorza and the friarielli are things we hadn’t heard of, but they turned out to be a trype of cheese and a type of green cruciferous vegetable that kind of looks like an elongated broccoli.


The Pulled Pork had a little spice to it, which gave the pizza a sharp little kick that we both enjoyed, and there were certainly no complaints from me about the extra cheese that came on the top of the pizza!

Safe to say, the pizzas were demolished in about 10 minutes as we sat on the grass and enjoyed the sunshine, and Wanderers Kneaded is definitely somewhere I will be returning to with friends to try out the other pizzas that are on offer. It is such a delightful little place that is slap bang in the middle of the Meadows, and the only thing that feels better than supporting small businesses is when in doing so it tastes SO great!

C x

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