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Tuk Tuk

So, one of my friends recently said that the fact that I have lived in Edinburgh for two and a half years and haven’t ever been to Tuk Tuk was a near abomination, so as soon as restaurants in Edinburgh started opening back up again for socially distanced dining, Mr OneBigStressball and I decided to go ahead and book ourselves a table.

I don’t tend to get too adventurous with Indian food – I like to stick to what I know, even though I do get teased for ordering kormas most of the time (jalfrezi if I’m feeling brave) – so I was quite overwhelmed when I looked at the menu. There was a massive choice of food, and it took me, a person who usually takes enough time to decide on what to eat anyway, even longer to come to a decision on what to have.

With a tapas-style menu, it is recommended that two people order three or four dishes to share, but we learned the hard way that if you are getting dishes that are classed as starters as well, then it is a good idea to order less curries – I was beginning to get full pretty much after the starter dishes, and we struggled to finish our whole meal, which was a shame.

We ordered:

Puri Yogurt Bombs
Chicken 69
Tarka Dhal
Ginger Garlic Chicken
Lamb Lasooni
Pilau Rice
Peshwari Naan
Gulab Jamun

Okay, so first of all, those Puri Yogurt Bombs were so heavenly my mouth is watering now just thinking about them. The outside of them were so crispy and after putting the whole thing in my mouth it was a lovely savoury taste, which was then followed immediately by the richest, sweetest yogurt that came bursting out of its delicate confines! Mm. I really wish I could nip down to the restaurant now in my pyjamas and order a portion for myself.


The Chicken 69 tasted to me like a classier version of chicken nuggets – you can’t really go wrong with fried chicken, and it was a safe choice for us to go for, especially as we didn’t really know what we were in for when we ordered the yogurt bombs!

So the curries…

At this point in the meal I was already beginning to get full – and as the curries were set down in front of us they looked quite daunting! My favourite was definitely the Ginger Garlic Chicken, it was a perfect amalgamation of a whole range of flavours that made me want to eat the whole thing and not share with Mr OneBigStressball at all! The Lamb Lasooni was also delectable. I really enjoy rich, flavoursome curries which tickle the senses unlike the cuisine that we have day-to-day… that’s what makes ordering or going out for Indian food such a treat for us! There was a good amount of meat in both of the curries, which I was really glad about – it is quite disappointing when you go out for a curry and there is an abundance of sauce and only a few chunks of meat!
For me, unfortunately, the Tarka Dhal didn’t quite hit the spot. I think because it was a lentil-based curry and wasn’t particularly spicy, to me it kind of tasted like a thicker version of a lentil soup and was overshadowed by the other curries we ordered.

The Gulab Jamun was something that I needed to order, even though we were already really stuffed… It was pure gluttony but it was worth it. The milky dessert is something I always order if it is available on the menu, and I was so glad to have ordered this one, it was an exquisite little dessert that was equal parts warm, sweet, and comforting.

The service was really good – we went to Tuk Tuk when restaurants had only just started taking sit-in customers, and the wait staff made us feel really welcome and safe, which, in these current times, is so important. The personalised face masks were also a good touch!

We will be back at Tuk Tuk – it is just down the road from us and is a lovely little date spot!

C x

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