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Opening Our Own Pizzeria…

Please don’t take that title too seriously, Mr OneBigStressball and I are barely in a financial position to buy our own place, let alone open a full blown restaurant. We have, however, been making loads of pizza at home – with yeast and everything! (There is no shirking on the details when Mr OneBigStressball has…… Continue reading Opening Our Own Pizzeria…


Oodles of Noodles.

How amazing are noodles!? That is a completely rhetorical question, because if you don’t like noodles, then I’m sorry but I cannot be friends with you. Egg noodles; ramen; udon; rice noodles; vermicelli noodles… with soy sauce; peanut satay sauce; black bean sauce; hoisin sauce; curry sauce; chilli sauce… with vegetables; in soup; dry; loaded with meat;…… Continue reading Oodles of Noodles.


A promise to myself and a goal to achieve. 

To get us through the next 6 weeks without each other, my boyfriend and I wrote down some goals that we would each achieve before we saw one another again.  Some were silly- for example, I have to start watching and finish all of the available episodes of House of Cards. One season in and it’s…… Continue reading A promise to myself and a goal to achieve. 

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The realities of holidaying with an eating disorder. 

Bags packed, car loaded, days off, no responsibilities.  Going on holiday is one of the most exciting feelings in the world.  Unless all you can think about is what you’ll be eating and the lack of gym over the next four days. It sounds so silly written down… even when I say it out loud…… Continue reading The realities of holidaying with an eating disorder.