Making bittersweet memories. 

Guys, I’m literally in the middle of moving to Australia.  I’m feeling so many emotions: fear; anxiety; excitement; and also my heart feels like it’s breaking.  You guys have heard me ramble about Mr Onebigstressball, and there’s a reason for that. I’ve never been in a relationship anywhere near as exciting and dizzying as this…… Continue reading Making bittersweet memories. 


All holidays have to come to an end. Day 4 of 4. 

Fortunately for the two of us, we had been informed yesterday that the ferry service between Ardrossan and Arran wasn’t running as normal so we’re forced to be booked onto the last ferry back to the mainland, effectively forcing us to have an extra full day to be on holiday.  I know. Woe is me,…… Continue reading All holidays have to come to an end. Day 4 of 4.